What Does the Health Care Bill Mean for Doctors?

Commonly known as “ObamaCare,” the United States is about to undergo a major health care overhaul in the coming 2012. Officially known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the majority of this legislation was given almost a two year implementation period, but we are now nearing the point where its implementation is inevitable. The most controversial aspect of this legislation is a provision that requires all Americans to have health insurance. This was viewed as a necessity by health insurance companies who claim that they need a full network to cover for the costs associated with accepting people with preexisting conditions and other aspects of PPACA. As such, most of the changes associated with ObamaCare have been directed from patient or insurer perspective.But those are not the only people who will be affected. PPACA will force some changes upon the actual caregivers, the doctors who are entrusted with patient care. Most of changes will directly affect financial issues, and then possibly care indirectly. Who can pay, what they pay, how they pay, and what will result from that pay are the primary areas of change – but they could have broad effects for doctors that will be felt at the patient level.The biggest issue may lie with Medicaid and Medicare. These entitlement programs (for better or for worse) offer the current backbone for providing medical care for the poor and elderly without relying on doctors to put forth reliable care out of the goodness of their hearts. Going forward, the rates the government run programs are intended to be far less than they have been in the past. Doctors could see their revenue from Medicaid/Medicare patients cut by nearly 20% compared to what they have been accustomed to receiving. The unintended result may be that many doctors will just refuse to take these patients, limiting their options and possibly their case levels as a result. This could also trickle down to medication availability and surgery wait lists as well.For doctors who will continue to treat Medicaid and Medicare patients, they may find a greatly increased demand due to other doctors dropping those patients. This could potentially result in these doctors rationing their care and having to go to greater lengths to prioritize the patients in their queue. After RomneyCare (which served as Obama’s initial model) was implemented in Massachusetts, many patients complained of long lines and less access to the physicians of their choice. These patients claimed that getting referrals to specialists became especially difficult. Some polls even show that a significant percentage of doctors are considering dropping out of the industry altogether. Although that last point seems like an idle threat as a the medical career will still offer lucrative benefits and post-recessionary America is not exactly teeming with opportunities elsewhere.All this said, proponents of ObamaCare would argue that change to the current system was coming regardless. The sustainability of a single industry that is gobbling up a greater percentage of the US gross domestic product at an exponential rate is simply not sustainable. On that issue, they are likely right. Change was coming regardless. As a society, we will just need to understand the tradeoffs and unintended consequences that come along with the changes that we choose to implement.

Popular Health Care Jobs to Think About

Health care is one of the few professions that are lucrative as well as noble. Health care professionals have the dual responsibility of doing a good job as well as looking after the health of the people that come to them. Health care is an umbrella term for a number of jobs. Here is a brief list of the number of healthcare jobs that are available:-NursesNurses are the backbone of any medical facility. The work of a nurse is to monitor the condition of the patient, look after their well being and ensure that they are on the course of their medication. In times of severe urgency, some senior nurses can also provide emergency medical care.Being a nurse is a hectic job, with the basic time frame that they work for in a day being ten to twelve hours. Of course, this can be increased if there is an emergency in the place where they work. Despite being such a hectic job, it is quite lucrative because it is one of the best paying healthcare jobs in the job market today.PsychiatristsThere have been several individuals who have not been able to pursue their medical dreams simply because they cannot stand the physical aspect of being a doctor or a surgeon, like carrying out a surgery, or looking at a diseased organ, etc. For those interested in the human mind and having a knack for observing people, the profession of a psychiatrist is now available.A psychiatrist basically looks after the medical health of a person. The psychiatrist also helps patients with mental illnesses to nurse back to normalcy. Of course, one of the biggest aspects of being a psychiatrist is that the psychiatrist should be of a strong mind and understand human psychology or at least have an interest in human psychology.A psychiatrist is also quite helpful in legal and criminal cases, simply because there have been several cases where people with mental illness history have turned to crime.Being a psychiatrist is also quite lucrative, and it stands within the top ten paying healthcare jobs in the world today. Several medical colleges offer courses that enable one to practice as a psychiatrist.SurgeonsBeing a surgeon is another lucrative job in the medical world. As the name suggests, a surgeon is the person who carries out the surgeries. Most surgeons are specialists, in the sense that a particular surgeon will carry out the surgery of the heart, while one will carry out the surgery of the brain, while another will carry out the other surgeries related to the human body, like the stomach surgery, etc.Being a surgeon is also a hectic and stressful job. There is no saying when a surgeon may be called for an urgent and important surgery. In the medical world, time is of the essence and a surgeon should be a stickler to time if they wish to become successful surgeons.Despite the hectic and stressful nature of being a surgeon, it is one of the most lucrative health care professions today.

What You Should Know About Home Health Care

Home health care services may just be the assistance you need for your aged parents. But you need to understand that the term itself is so diverse. There are different kinds of professionals who can provide home health care assistance to you. Just the same, there are also different types of institution where such care can be provided.The most common health care personnel you might have encountered are registered nurses. They are also considered the most skilled because they don’t just care for the basic needs of their patients. They can also be made to supervise monitoring for vital signs as well as giving the right medication for the patient. RNs and experts in using health equipments.Another type of home health care personally are home care aides. They are a good choice for a health companion because they can provide assistance to basic living skills such as bathing and dressing up. They can also provide a nutritional diet for your aged loved ones as well as do some light cleaning to avoid the spread of illnesses at home.Then there are also the homemakers or home companions. However, these people are not exactly schooled or formally skilled with caring for aged people. But they can be expected to take care of the home where your aged loved ones live and also make sure that some of their basic necessities are being cared for.Getting the type of home health care is something that you should talk over with the whole family. If your parents are still good enough to comprehend the situation, it would be best to also involve them during the decision-making process. This way you can prevent having any problems between the caregiver and the care recipient because the latter actually resents having someone else to tend to him.After that is cleared, the next important thing would be to clearly define what the caregiver tasks should be. Do this in accordance with your aged loved ones current medical conditions. It would even be best if the tasks are actually advised by the doctor. If you can also include an actual daily schedule for the caregiver to follow, then that would be much better.When the decision-making process to hire a caregiver and the actual tasks are done, then you will now be ready to find the best homecare services. It would be best to look for one within your area so you can easily compare their fees and requirements.When choosing your home health care services, make sure that you get from an agency duly certified by the government. It would also help to engage in the services of an agency whom you can pay through your insurance coverage.